Welcome the sun

Since the towers form a triangle, none of the three block each other from the brilliant sunshine and cool breeze. Enjoy natural daylight spilling into your flat unit, adding radiance and warmth to your home. At night, let the moonbeams caress your face as you fall into a deep slumber.

Embrace the wind

Each flat unit is constructed in such a way that air flows freely in and out, preventing a stuffy and stale atmosphere. Even indoors, you can breathe freely and take in the refreshing scents wafting from the lush, green gardens below.

Let your eyes wander

Residents can also enjoy a panoramic view from their balconies. Choose to view the scenic Laguna de Bay, dynamic Ortigas skyline, world-renowned Manila Bay, or picturesque hills of Antipolo.

Create a world of your own

The only thing you will not be viewing from your unit, however, is your neighbor. The triangular formation of the towers affords lesser units per floor, and thus more private time for yourself.

Principal Architect:
ASYA Design Partner